FBI and DOJ hold press conference about U.S. Capitol attack during Donald Trump’s Alamo speech

The FBI and DOJ waited far too long to hold a press conference about the U.S. Capitol attack. But it finally happened today, and they painted a picture of a massive nationwide investigation that will eventually net hundreds if not thousands of perpetrators.

The FBI and DOJ stressed during the briefing that while the Capitol terrorists are being hit with basic charges now, those charges will be upgraded as the investigation unfolds. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Far right domestic terrorists only understand one thing, which is overwhelming force. The harsher the criminal penalties against the Capitol attackers, the more likely the others in the movement are to give up and go back to their basement.

My guess is that the Feds sent a pair of no-name officials out there to handle today’s briefing because if they’d sent a recognizable face out there like FBI Director Christopher Wray, Trump might have recognized him and fired him in retaliation.

Notably, today’s FBI – DOJ press conference took place at the exact same time Donald Trump was giving a speech in Alamo, Texas. You have to wonder if the Feds did that on purpose, so that Trump’s speech would get as little media attention as possible. In any case, Trump’s speech was a non-event, in which he ranted about immigrants and then lumbered off the stage.

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