Donald Trump rants and raves about the 25th Amendment during bizarre speech

Donald Trump’s speech this afternoon in Alamo, Texas was mostly a non-event. Trump seemed to have little interest in being there, and local officials say they weren’t even told he was coming. It raises the question of whether Trump perhaps really did think he was going to the Alamo until he got there. But one stray remark by Trump is getting some attention.

During his speech, Trump said that “the 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration. Be careful what you wish for.” A couple things stand out here.


First, this means that Donald Trump is now actively pushing back against the 25th Amendment, which means he fears that Mike Pence might actually invoke it against him. Second, Trump’s quasi-threat doesn’t even make sense. Kamala Harris isn’t going to end up invoking the 25th Amendment against Joe Biden because Biden has turned into a terrorist. There’s no parallel to the current Trump-Pence situation. It sounds like Trump is so far gone, he can’t quite differentiate between what the 25th Amendment and impeachment are.

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