Melania Trump pulls a fast one

When Melania Trump vanished under suspicious and dishonest circumstances, it took the mainstream media a couple of weeks to finally call it out for what it was: a Donald Trump administration scandal and an attempted coverup. Once the media finally began properly focusing on it, Melania suddenly surfaced at a pair of public events. At the time, I wrote this: “The jarring part is that most of the mainstream media will oblige by dropping the Melania disappearance story entirely.”

Sure enough, most of the media did indeed act like Melania’s reappearance was perfectly normal. Nevermind that she initially surfaced at a Gold Star event that was conveniently closed to the press, and then at a FEMA briefing where she was obviously out of place. Her “return” was even more dishonestly staged than the lies that Donald Trump and his White House told during her disappearance. Here’s the lame part: two weeks later, the media is indeed writing about Melania, but with a very different motivation.

I’m not going to single anyone out because there are too many of them, but if you type “Melania Trump” into Google News right now, you’ll find a slew of new puff pieces about her from major media outlets. These stories don’t appear to be based on anything; these are simply rather blatant attempts at getting on Melania’s good side. Perhaps these news outlets came to worry that when they belatedly began properly covering her vanishing act, they damaged their relationships with her office, and now they want to repair things.

So instead of continuing to ask questions about why the “First Lady” spent a month in hiding while her husband and the White House spent the entire time lying about it, or trying to figure out why she disappeared to begin with, the media is now doing what it can to make Melania Trump look good. She’s managed to pull a fast one.

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