Stephen Miller is rapidly heading for a very ugly end

You’re all familiar with Stephen Miller, the guy with the giant forehead who periodically surfaced and says blatantly racist and xenophobic things on Donald Trump’s behalf, before crawling back into the sewer. Because he has such a cartoonishly repulsive personality and is so obviously a lifelong loser, the temptation has always been to treat him like a punchline. The trouble: now that most of Trump’s other advisers have resigned, Miller now has real influence – and he’s putting it to evil use.

More than anyone else, it’s Stephen Miller who has been driving Trump’s Nazi-like plot to forcibly separate Hispanic immigrant kids from their parents and then lock them in concentration camps. How do we know this? Miller is so excited to be getting his way for once in his miserable and obscene life, he couldn’t help but brag about it to the New York Times, calling it a “simple decision” to go nearly full-Hitler on these kids.

The trouble for Miller is that he’s already coming to a very bad end, and he’s making it worse. He emerges so rarely that we sometimes tend to forget he exists, as Trump’s other slimeball advisers and criminal scandals dominate our attention. But when Special Counsel Robert Mueller was ready to begin interviewing Trump’s White House advisers, he didn’t start with the boss John Kelly, or Hope Hicks, who had been closest to Trump. Instead Mueller made a bee line for Stephen Miller.

We still don’t know what came of that interview. But it was a clear sign that Robert Mueller viewed Miller as the key White House figure in Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice crimes. This means that things are going to end very badly for Miller, in a dangerous game which has already seen several key Trump advisers indicted, arrested, or cutting plea deals.

Now Stephen Miller has gone and made it worse for himself by publicly confirming that he’s primarily responsible for Trump’s child concentration camps. We don’t know precisely what’s going on in those camps, but we know it’s bad enough that the White House is desperate to hide it from us. In the end, Miller won’t merely have to answer for his obstruction of justice antics. At some point we’ll see him on trial for the crimes being committed in his concentration camps. After all, he just took credit for all of it.