Exposed: secret bank account exposes money trail from China to Donald Trump

Once Donald Trump’s tax returns surfaced, Palmer Report predicted that they would end up being a roadmap to uncovering his sordid financial dealings, and that plenty more dominoes would start falling. Sure enough, a new revelation helps reveal why Trump has been trying so hard lately to falsely paint his rival Joe Biden as being a Chinese financial puppet: Trump is in fact a Chinese financial puppet.

This evening the New York Times is reporting that Donald Trump’s company Trump International Hotels Management LLC has a secret bank account in China that he’s tried to keep under wraps by keeping it off his financial disclosure forms. This is a problem for multiple reasons. First, Chinese banks are controlled by the Chinese government, which means Trump is literally banking with the communist Chinese regime. Second, Trump’s decision to hide this account suggests that it’s particularly shady. But it gets worse.

The NYT says that in 2017, Trump’s company saw a sudden $17.5 million spike in revenue, and that Trump then withdrew $15.1 million of it. In other words, this is some kind of money trail from China to Donald Trump. And considering the comparatively small amount of money involved, it’s likely that this discovery is merely the tip of the iceberg. In any case, this just keeps getting uglier for Trump, as it’s more clear than ever that he’s a financial puppet of hostile foreign governments.

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