Donald Trump dissolves into a total dumpster fire

With two weeks remaining in the election and Donald Trump still losing badly, he’s apparently decided that his closing argument should consist of attacking Dr. Fauci and Lesley Stahl. At this rate no one will be entirely surprised if Trump spends next week attacking apple pie and Santa Claus.

It’s not just that Trump is self destructing in such a weird way. It’s why he’s self destructing in this particular manner. Is Trump behaving this way because he expects to lose and he no longer cares if this stuff hurts him? Or has his mind become so warped that he believes these stunts are somehow going to help him win?


We’re watching a guy throw away what’s left of his life. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not he’s doing it on purpose. This would all be disturbing enough if the guy in question weren’t the current President of the United States. So now it’s our problem whether we want it to be or not. All we can do is turn out in record numbers and vote him out in overwhelming fashion.

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