Everything is on fire for Donald Trump right now

Nancy Pelosi went there; tomorrow she talks about the 25th Amendment in regard to Trump and his health. Twelve men have now been arrested in the plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor, and we’ll see if they’re tied to Michigan’s own Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater and Betsy Devos’ brother, and therefore, to Trump. Lastly, a fly took center stage at the VP debate. For those of us on the sidelines, none of these things were on our bingo cards, but here we are.

Trump, of course, needed to be removed the day he took his oath as President. 25th Amendmenting him now may be a little too late, but it would definitely cause a storm on Capitol Hill. Blaming Gold Star families for his coronavirus was not a good look for Trump either but when one is in freefall, it’s hard to know what looks like a hook to grab on to.

It’s now the final countdown to the election with less than 30 days to go. Biden/Harris is polling well but every time you read a good polling number, work like the numbers are reversed. It’s vital that everyone vote to end this nightmare, if just because Putin is now speaking publicly about his endorsement of Donald Trump. The RNC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia and there’s no hiding it.

But on the bright side, after Kamala Harris schooled Pence with the phrase, “I’m speaking,” it’s doubtful women will ever let a man interrupt them again. Also, it’s trending to call out these sad embarrassing militias for what they are: White Christian Terrorists. The new administration can’t come soon enough but take nothing for granted in this upside-down world and make sure you vote.

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