Bill Barr and Donald Trump are now openly sniping at each other as it all goes wrong for them

Attorney General Bill Barr tried to meddle in the Flynn, Stone, Cohen, Lev, Igor, and Bannon cases on Donald Trump’s behalf, yet Barr failed in every instance. We’ve been wondering when Trump would figure out that Barr is largely an empty suit who isn’t very good at this henchman thing.

Over the past two days Donald Trump has been rage tweeting while apparently wigged out on the dexamethasone steroids to try to avoid keeling over from coronavirus. Trump has begun repeatedly criticizing Bill Barr for not having found a way to arrest any of the people who investigated the Trump-Russia scandal. Trump even retweeted a bizarre fake image of the late Chris Farley screaming at Barr for not having arrested anyone.

Now the AP has published an article, written largely from Bill Barr’s point of view and almost certainly sourced to Barr himself, stating that Barr wants Trump to shut up and back off. Now we’ve reached the point where Trump’s presidency and life are in freefall, Barr is being exposed as having nothing up his sleeve, and they’re both sniping at each other in public.

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