Everything hits the fan

The you-know-what is starting to hit the fan. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to understand that Donald Trump’s latest Twitter explosions reveal his heightened level of anxiety combined with his inability to keep anything to himself. We have further evidence that the Mueller investigation is steamrolling forward.

We now know that there are criminal charges in place against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and leaker of the infamous DNC emails who is also hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he went to hide from rape charges – just another of the “best” people known by Trump.

Procedurally, it is not clear how that arrest would take place. What is completely clear is that while the United States was watching the electoral map turn blue, and Donald Trump and his lawyers were struggling to answer the written questions from Robert Mueller, the Mueller team was working to diligently put the pieces together. Is Trump getting advanced information from his installed Sessions replacement Matthew Whitaker, or has Mueller been clever enough to work around him?

As we all know by now, Trump’s Twitter feed tends to be stream of consciousness admissions of guilt while projecting all kinds of crimes onto his enemies. As Trump and his lawyers struggle with the truth (and the many versions of the truth) expressed by Trump, Mueller seems to be in charge. Also interesting is the Lindsey Graham NBC interview where he states that acting Attorney General Whitaker is handling the Russia probe correctly. Does this mean that Whitaker will act in the best interests of himself and the country, rather than Trump? If so, Whitaker would not be the first, or the last, Trump ally to change positions and act in his own best interest. The good news is that Mueller is moving forward.