Everything is happening at once now

Yesterday afternoon the House Intelligence Committee scheduled a vote to send all of its Trump-Russia testimony transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which will give Mueller the ability to imminently indict several people in Donald Trump’s orbit – including two of his family members – at any time. Then last night we learned that the SDNY is moving in on everyone in Trump’s orbit who participated in his crime-filled inauguration. This isn’t a coincidence.

Everything is happening at once now. The SDNY, which is taking its cues from Robert Mueller just as surely as Trump takes his cues from Putin, is clearly planning to sweep up Trump’s family and associates on fraud charges and worse. Mueller can now add perjury charges as an impossible-to-beat-at-trial cherry on top to the Trump-Russia criminal indictments he’s already been building against Trump’s family and associates. This is all happening at once because it’ll make for too many fires to Trump to put out.

Even as Donald Trump continues to cling to the feeble hope that Matthew Whitaker and/or William Barr will somehow be able to magically make Robert Mueller disappear, Trump appears to have no plan for dealing with SDNY. Trump likely doesn’t even understand that SDNY is federal, and for that matter, he probably has no understanding of the state charges that the new Attorney General will end up bringing, and no awareness that he can’t pardon state charges.

Fascinatingly, finally, forces are moving in against Donald Trump all at once now. Everyone involved has been steadily building unbeatable legal cases against Trump, his family, and his remaining henchmen for a long time. We’re seeing more evidence by the hour that it’s about to all pay off.

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