Rudy Giuliani has surreal midnight meltdown after getting caught up in SDNY criminal probe

On Monday evening, Palmer Report brought you the story of how Rudy Giuliani was caught up in the SDNY criminal investigation into Donald Trump’s financially corrupt inauguration. We also pointed out that Rudy has largely gone silent since the first clues emerged three weeks ago that he was caught up in this mess. As if on cue, a few hours later, Rudy sprung to life and staged a bizarre midnight meltdown.

Rudy Giuliani’s role in the mess is complex but nonetheless legally worrisome for him. One of the most suspicious people to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration was a Kremlin-connected oligarch who just happens to employ Rudy. Combine this with Monday evening’s revelation that the SDNY is targeting the Trump inauguration for several felonies including illegally taking bribes from foreign officials, and it’s not difficult to parse that Rudy is caught up in something ugly.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that Rudy Giuliani has suddenly sprung back to life in frantic fashion. Just before midnight he posted a tweet about disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, condemning him for his “advocacy for murder!” We’d post the entire tweet, but it doesn’t make any more sense in full context.

Suffice it to say that Rudy Giuliani is suddenly back among the living, after having spent the past three weeks hiding among the dead. The trouble for Rudy is that he’s coming out swinging in the wrong direction at the wrong people, when what he should be doing is cutting a plea deal against Donald Trump with the SDNY and Robert Mueller.