Everyone piles on Jim Jordan

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When Gym Jordan speaks, most people tune him out. This is because Gym usually has nothing of importance to say. His primary means of communication typically involve screaming and shrieking, giving the ears of the American people a good sound aching.

So it should come as no surprise that Gym is once again raising a stink. And he is doing it as only Gym COULD do it. Gym is claiming that 14 agents at the FBI have come forward with complaints about the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Gym made this claim on — where else — Fox non-news, the place that traitors go to lie.

Only the public’s reaction wasn’t what Gym likely hoped it would be. Many people tuned him out, and the ones that didn’t seemed more interested in mocking the ear-splittingly annoying non-Congressman than anything else. Twitter, who knows mockery better than ANYONE immediately asked the question on so many peoples’ minds. Why would ANY FBI agent go to Gym Jordan?

“This is the guy who failed to Whistle blow when those students were molested,” thousands of people said.

“Gym doesn’t like Whistle Blowers — just ask the wrestling students,” thousands of people said.

“Yeah, right. All these FBI agents had nowhere to go except to Jordan — not!” many said.

Laughing memes tweeted at Jordan came from many a Twitter account. The point is Gym Jordan is a habitual liar, and very few believe a word that he says. He is also stealing the title of most mocked on Twitter from Raphael Cruz — not an easy thing to do.

In the meantime, nobody has yet met any of these supposed “Whistle Blowers” and I highly doubt we ever will. That is because, like most of the babble he shrieks, one has a feeling they exist only in Gym Jordan’s mind – a place nobody sane would EVER want to be.

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