Everyone piles on after New York Times goes off the rails about Joe Biden’s Rolex

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President Joe Biden is a blue collar guy with a working class background, and he’s spent the first three days of his Presidency enacting an aggressive agenda to help the working class and the poor.

But the New York Times, seeking to create controversy where there is none, is inexplicably accusing Biden of “out-of-touch elitism” because he dares to wear a Rolex. Strangely the article mentions Donald Trump several times, but fails to point out that Trump amassed his personal wealth by ripping off working class people, an that Trump spent his entire presidency stealing from the working class and giving the money to the wealthy.

This comes just a few days after the New York Times tried to invent controversy over the fact that President Biden uses a Peloton, a high end treadmill. This is all absurd beyond the pale. As various people have pointed out, a Peloton can cost less than a gym membership, and a Rolex is something that a working class couple can save up for and buy.

Because President Biden has no serious scandals, the media knows it’s going to have a difficult time hitting its ratings marks while covering him. Palmer Report’s concern all along has been that the media would resort to inventing phony or nonsensical controversies about Biden in order to generate ratings. Now we’re seeing hints of this already. The good news is that the public is using social media to broadly push back against this kind of clickbait nonsense about Biden’s Rolex and so on. This is far too important and vulnerable of a time in our nation’s history to care about what kind of watch the President is wearing while he’s signing executive orders that are saving American lives.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!