Another way to keep Donald Trump from running in 2024

Poor Donald Trump. He struggled to even find an attorney to represent him in his upcoming Senate Impeachment trial, finally settling for someone you’ve never heard of. This is understandable, particularly since he said on more than one occasion that he wouldn’t pay Rudy Guiliani for his work. What attorney would want to do this for free?

Will the Senate vote to convict Donald? My best guess is that there won’t be 17 Republicans who will vote to impeach him. A half dozen or fewer of Republican Senators might vote to impeach, but probably not 17 of them. Is there anything the House and Senate can do to stop him from running for president again? Here’s a law that I propose to be enacted as soon as possible.

“From this day forward, the Congress of the United States prohibits any future president from allowing any members of his or her immediate family… grown sons and daughters, son-in-laws, daughter-in-laws or other family members to serve in the White House as advisors or other capacities to the President. Said family members above 21 years of age are also prohibited from living in the White House as well.”

Donald Trumpp wouldn’t consider another term as President without his family there with him. We have seen what this family experiment has led to…gross incompetence from all of them with the same last name (plus Kushner) over the past four years. None of them had any government experience whatsover and furthermore, they knew nothing about the laws of these United States.

In the past three days we’ve seen what a real President and Vice President look and act like. We did elect the right man and woman to lead our country out of darkness and into the light.

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