Donald Trump goes off the deep end, quotes some guy no one has ever heard of

Donald Trump’s fragile ego and narcissistic underpinnings have long motivated him to seek out praise for himself, no matter the respectability of the source, and then trumpet that praise as if it were legitimate. For instance, Trump will quote pretty much anyone on Fox News who says nice things about him. But even some of Trump’s longtime pundit cheerleaders have started to sour on him.

If you want evidence of just how desperate Donald Trump has grown and how far he’s fallen when it comes to finding sycophants he can quote, he ended up posting this tweet on Saturday night: “‘There’s not one shred of evidence that this president’s done anything Constitutionally (or anything else) wrong.’ Graham Ledger. Thank you Graham, so true!”

This prompted just about everyone on Twitter to cry out at once: Who is Graham Ledger? That doesn’t even sound like a real name. Has Lindsey Graham gone into the witness protection program? Is the “Graham Ledger” the name of a fake small town newspaper? To give you an idea of how thoroughly the internet ended up laughing at Donald Trump for quoting this guy, the name “Graham Ledger” ended up trending on Twitter, simply from everyone piling on.

If you’re wondering, Graham Ledger is the host of the “The Daily Ledger” on the One America News Network, a comparatively obscure cable news channel that’s so embarrassingly and dishonestly pro-Trump, it makes Fox News look legitimate in comparison. That’s right, Donald Trump has now sunk to watching positive coverage of himself on the OANN channel, because it’s the only place he can reliably still find it.