Everyone Hates Trump

Poor Donald Trump. Fox doesn’t love him anymore. Looking at his recent disapproval ratings and a new poll showing him being bested by at least five Democrats in 2020, it appears that no one loves him anymore. How anyone ever could have is fairly unbelievable on its own, but watching people wake from the fog of Trump is wonderful.

Trump spent much of his day complaining that Fox “isn’t working for us anymore.” Brit Hume promptly replied, “Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you.” One of the reasons Trump now hates Fox is that they hired Donna Brazile and Juan Williams, both of whom are black. Hmmm. See a pattern here? Mostly, however, he hates Fox because of their polls.

A recent Fox poll showed Trump losing to four Democratic candidates in a head-to-head matchup. Why be mad at Fox? The numbers say that there are now five who can beat him. These organizations aren’t publishing these numbers to annoy Trump. These numbers are news, great news to some of us. The hits just keep on coming for Trump.

According to Fortune, a new tracking poll from Morning Consult reveals that Trump shows a double-digit decline in his net approval rating in virtually every state considered a “tossup.” Those states include Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, all of which Trump won in 2016. Fortune points out that, likely due to Trump’s immigration policies, some of the largest swings have occurred in the southwest, including a 30-point tumble in New Mexico and a 26-point negative turn in Arizona.

Trump is also not helping his Republican colleagues, as the states some occupy are being affected by Trump’s numbers: a 21-point drop in Maine (Collins), and 12% in Colorado (Gardner). In all fairness, many are disillusioned by Republicans in general, especially as they remain silent on Trump’s behavior and bad policies. Meanwhile, in Trump land, he says, “I think I’m winning based on polls that we see.” Guess they haven’t seen these yet.

In the meantime, the Democrats are slowly closing in on him. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris all take Trump by double digits in a new Quinnipiac University poll. Breaking the numbers down, the poll shows Biden leading Trump by 16 points, Sanders by 14 points, Warren by 12, and Harris by 11 points. I will take any or all of them. When people talk “vote blue no matter who,” I am in, but all four of these candidates have something to offer the American people. Not to be outdone in this poll, Pete Buttigieg also leads Trump by 9 points. Quinnipiac poll analyst Mary Show says that “one key number is 40,” which is “the ceiling of support for Trump.” To quote Donald Trump, Jr. “If it’s what you say, I love it.”

I am beginning to believe this can really happen. With GOP Senator Johnny Isakson retiring and GOP Senator David Perdue being challenged, dare I hope that Georgia can turn blue? As the Democratic 2020 field continues to narrow, we will be better able to hone in on individual messages and take the right person to the general election. We can then begin to undo all of the damage caused by the Trump “presidency.”

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