Donald Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal just took an ugly new turn

Donald Trump’s trade war scandal, Deutsche Bank scandal, immigration scandal, G7 scandal, Doral bed bug scandal, and collapsing poll numbers have all combined to dominate the headlines this past week, to the point that Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal has taken a backseat. But the scandal is still playing out, and it just took an ugly new turn.

Earlier it was reported that a security camera aimed in the direction of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell failed to capture his death. Now Reuters is reporting that both cameras aimed at Epstein malfunctioned. Wait, there were two cameras, and they both failed? The odds of two cameras failing due to random malfunction are far smaller than the odds of one camera randomly malfunctioning.

This leaves only two possibilities. The first is that the prison was being so poorly maintained, even the cameras pointed at the most sensitive protective custody cells were out of order – and the prison was so poorly overseen, no one knew (or cared) that the cameras were out of order. The second possibility is that someone tampered with both cameras.

Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyers keep saying they think it’s more likely he was murdered than committed suicide, in spite of a coroner’s report that confirmed suicide. At this point we’re not sure what to believe. The real trouble is that Donald Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr keeps approaching Epstein’s death as if it needed to be covered up, which is the single most suspicious thing going on here.

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