Even Ted Cruz’s daughter thinks he’s full of it

Family members can play an important role in exposing or pushing back against the most egregious corruption, evil, and derangement that exists in America. Close relatives who decide to speak out offer a unique perspective based on their past or ongoing relationship with a person. Since there is generally a strong disincentive for such individuals to go public with their stories or feelings, their accounts tend to be highly credible.

About a week ago, Caroline Cruz, the 13-year-old daughter of Sen. Ted Cruz, posted publicly on TikTok to distance herself from her off-the-rails father. According to Caroline, people too often judge her “based upon him at first glance.” She made it clear that she disagrees with “most of” her father’s views, before switching her account to private.

The vast majority of the more than 140,000 tips sent to the FBI about the U.S. Capitol attack came from family and friends, according to The Guardian. Teen Vogue highlighted one story involving Jackson Reffitt, a 19-year-old man who alerted the FBI that his father, Guy, was planning “something big.” Jackson then confirmed Guy’s involvement with the attack to the FBI. Having been charged with several crimes, Guy, who was deemed “too great a danger to the community,” now awaits trial in jail.

Perhaps the most famous example of a family member going public is Mary Trump, the former guy’s niece, who has appeared on TV and published a bestselling book in 2020 drawing on her experience with her monster of an uncle while applying her background as a clinical psychologist. Through her many thoughtful, bold statements and analyses, Mary has proven that it is possible to be a Trump yet be worthy of immense respect.

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings are another notable example. In 2018, six of them appeared in a campaign ad endorsing David Brill, Gosar’s Democratic opponent. Since then, different groups of his siblings have given highly critical interviews, going so far as to call Gosar a traitor who should be removed from office for his role in promoting the Big Lie and supporting the Capitol attack.

Yet another example is Claudia Conway, the daughter of former Trump Senior Advisor Kellyanne “Alternative Facts” Conway. In 2020, Claudia began using her TikTok account to rail against her mother and Trump while promoting progressive causes. At one point, after Kellyanne praised Herman Cain, Claudia replied by questioning whether the administration was “complicit in his death,” and she has also expressed support for Black Lives Matter.


Close family members of people who are harming the country are not required to speak out against them or alert authorities about their crimes. Although many of them may feel compelled to speak, inaction often prevails because it is the easy way and avoids reputational as well as legal risks. These brave individuals deserve nothing short of our deepest admiration.

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