The two words Donald Trump secretly refused to say when it all fell apart for him

There are some things that just do not have the ability to surprise. This story is one of them — at least for me. This all has to do with his royal failure, Donald Trump CNN has reported that during the events of January 6th, as chaos, hate and fury were engulfing the Capitol, assolini was reluctant to say the words “stay peaceful” to his followers.

This does not surprise me — does it surprise you? Per CNN, a former Trump official said He was “very reluctant to put out anything when it was unfolding.” But he was particularly reluctant to add those two words: “stay peaceful.”

Of course, he would not have wanted to do that. Because “stay peaceful” goes against all the non-values that make up the sniveling traitor. It is my belief — and I am sure I am not alone in this — that not only did Trump want the coup to succeed, but I am sure he’d have been happy with more bloodshed.

He has proven to be a person comfortable with dictatorships and authoritarian movements. These types of movements always involve destruction. So why should January 6th have been any different?

It will soon be time for the show to begin. This is where we hold the traitors accountable for their attempted thievery of democracy. It will be a show for the ages — and it will be televised, likely in prime-time and feature a massive cast of characters, some of whom I am sure we are not even aware of yet.


This will be perhaps the most unforgettable show of our lives. We will all be judges and juries. Let’s take this seriously and not forget for a moment that we saved democracy by toppling one of the biggest traitors this world has ever seen.

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