Donald Trump is even dumber than we thought

Maybe Donald Trump needs a dictionary. Maybe the “president” with the vocabulary and reading level of a 4th grader, the lowest of the last fifteen presidents, needs a definition of the word collusion. Essentially, the word means an illegal cooperation or conspiracy. As Trump has shouted “No Collusion” for months now, he might have wanted to check that meaning before he threw himself and his son Don Jr under a fast-coming legal bus.

Uncle Rudy may be right, that there is no crime known as “collusion,” but there is indeed a very serious crime called conspiracy, and this will be the word which will appear in many Robert Mueller legal filings yet to come. Trump’s tweet on Sunday stated that the meeting was totally legal; all Don Jr did was meet with some Russians to get opponent research about Hillary Clinton. Does this meeting rise to the level of Treason, or Conspiracy? Trump’s tweet suggests what everyone around him already knows.

Trump is deeply concerned about his son’s criminal culpability in the Mueller investigation. Moving at a determined, methodical and seemingly rapid pace, Mueller is creeping closer and closer to the red line of family and finances. The transcript of Don Jr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee may open him to charges of perjury. We should be asking, where are the lawyers? But the same person who thinks he can talk his way out of criminal charges in a one on one conversation with Mueller is the same man who has been controlling his own message from the start.

Watching from the outside, the players all lie to follow through with the Trump created message. Trump attorney Jay Sekulow sought to clear his own involvement in the fictional Russian- adoption story crafted by Trump and co aboard Air Force One. Sarah Sanders, true to form, lies to protect her nearly $200,000 salary. Where does this all lead? Only Mueller knows for sure. All we know is that is isn’t over yet, and no Tweet is going to change that.

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