Donald Trump now faces a lose-lose proposition of his own making

Donald Trump can’t seem to help himself as he continues to incriminate himself and son, Don Jr. Trump is setting himself up for certain legal failure in the future, specifically regarding the Trump Tower meeting that was about “adoption” but was secretly about conspiring with Russia. None of Trump’s attorneys want him to talk to anyone, particularly Mueller, because Trump can’t keep his lies straight and doesn’t seem to have the common sense to keep quiet.

Despite the obvious insanity of Trump’s actions, he won’t quit talking because he cannot comprehend a world where he does not steamroll his way to victory. In his world, strength, not truth, wins. The truth is, Trump is completely screwed, and he did it to himself, knowingly, because he lacks self-control. He has perjured himself even before he has been on the stand or been interviewed. He has done this by blabbing his mouth a thousand times about everything and anything. Man, don’t these Russians train their operatives better?

When Trump is finally officially interviewed, it will be impossible for him not to contradict himself. When he takes the stand and they have a transcript of all his recorded words to refute practically everything he says, his excuses, whatever he comes up with, won’t stand a chance. Either Trump cannot comprehend the viscosity of the morass he has sunken himself into or he is living in a state of complete denial. The reality is, Trump would be best served by resigning and never speaking in public again, but the man is a slave to his ego.

Instead of discretion, the guy is tweeting about an incident that is under investigation, that he is implicated in as well, and an incident he has already lied about multiple times. At this point, it is just a matter of how many people Trump will take down with him as he falls. He already set up Don Trump Jr. as the fall guy for the Trump Tower meeting, and it is likely this isn’t the only time he has tried to insulate himself. Trump’s lawyers are practically begging him to be quiet, and they should be too, loudly and to all who will listen, to cover their own liability for having a client they can’t control.

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