Robert Mueller has a bullseye on Erik Prince. It’s time for Donald Trump and Jared Kushner to panic.

While the name Erik Prince is not typically a household name, he is certainly being discussed more frequently in recent days. That is mostly due to the fact that Special Counselor Robert Mueller appears to have a bullseye on him. Most people are more familiar with his sister, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Her contentious selection to head the Education Department has already been rife with conflicts. While promoting arming schools to protect children from “grizzly bears” to her recent comments of arming teachers, she is certainly accustomed to controversy.

Lately, it appears that DeVos’s brother is becoming even more controversial, at least in terms of Mueller’s investigation. Prince is a former Navy Seal who founded Blackwater, renamed as “Xe Services” in 2009, and then again renamed “Academi” in 2001. This mercenary, military-for-hire organization, first received major coverage after a group of soldiers were convicted of killing fourteen Iraqi civilians in 2007. Despite the negative press, Academi has provided security for agencies such as the CIA.

Now that George Nader, an advisor to the United Arab Emirates, is assisting in Mueller’s investigation, Prince’s name has popped up again. As is becoming common, Nader also had a relationship with Jared Kushner. This is extremely interesting as it is now known that both Kushner and Prince had attempted to set up a back-channel that would allow Trump to speak directly with the Kremlin, while avoiding detection by United States intelligence community.
A meeting in Seychelles in January 2017 between Prince, Nader, and a Russian investor with ties to Putin is believed to have been set up in order to create such a back-channel. Now why exactly would Trump need to ensure he wasn’t being listened to while conversing with Putin? Most likely in order to receive his next order to keep Russia content with no interference from the US. It is now confirmed that this meeting did indeed take place.

We now know that Mueller is looking to determine whether there was also an attempt by the UAE to purchase political influence from Donald Trump’s failing administration with foreign money. It appears that Trump and Kushner should be extremely worried about this new finding. Whatever the outcome, it appears clear that Prince, and his sister Betsy, will suffer the same outcome as the rest of Trump’s traitors.

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