Eric Swalwell just destroyed Donald Trump’s stooge Richard Grenell

Now that Donald Trump has replaced his Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell with someone permanent, it’s not clear what Grenell is getting in return for having helped Trump play up the phony “Obamagate” nonsense. Grenell is denying reports that he’s set to join the Trump 2020 campaign, which could bring him a handsome payday.

In any case, Grenell seems intent on picking fights on his way out the door. Unfortunately for him, he’s shown up to these battles completely unarmed. Grenell has spent the day insisting on Twitter that there was “no collusion” between Russia and the Trump 2016 campaign, despite the clear evidence in front of everyone’s eyes. That’s when Congressman Eric Swalwell jumped in and began destroying Grenell:


But Swalwell was just getting started: “remember the time Richard Grenell came and briefed Congress and cleared all this up? I don’t either. Like his former boss, he’s just a tough guy on Twitter.” Swalwell then continued piling on:


By the time Eric Swalwell was finished piling on, Richard Grenell was left sheepishly declaring that “I was there 3 months” in an attempt at distancing himself from much of the Trump regime’s corrupt antics. Noting that Grenell is now out of a job, Swalwell fired back with “Bye, Richard.”

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