Eric Swalwell slam dunks Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s disastrous government shutdown is now in the midst of its fourth week. The better part of a million Americans, many of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, aren’t getting paid. Essential services are going by the wayside. National parks are being vandalized. Airports are closing terminals. Yet Trump seems intent on holding the country hostage because no one will pay for his racist border wall.

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell sits on the powerful House Intelligence Committee and House Judiciary Committee, putting him right in the middle of the upcoming congressional investigations and hearings into Donald Trump’s various criminal scandals. For the moment, Swalwell is taking aim at Trump’s idiotic shutdown. Swalwell posted this:

“We’re going to build a wall and ___________ is going to pay for it.”

Donald Trump has now filled that blank with:

A) Puerto Rico hurricane victims
B) CA fire victims
C) Crime victims

Trump made a campaign promise he could never keep & will hurt anyone to get his way.

There is still no end in sight for Donald Trump’s government shutdown. But Democratic Party leaders have made clear that they have no intention of giving in to Traitor Trump’s absurd demands, and even Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell don’t seem to want anything to do with Trump’s worsening debacle.