The end of Donald Trump’s presidency

Bullies always reveal themselves to be cowards in the end. Roger Stone, who is essentially Donald Trump with more proverbial clown paint and less real clown paint, spent forty years corruptly running roughshod across the American political landscape. Yet there he was yesterday, a pathetic and broken man, begging a federal judge for mercy. It’s a roadmap for where Donald Trump is heading.

We still don’t know how accurate these major media reports are about Special Counsel Robert Mueller issuing a report next week about Donald Trump’s crime spree. We don’t know precisely how quickly thereafter House Democrats will initiate the impeachment process. We still don’t know the exact timetable in which entities like SDNY and the Attorney General of New York might move on Trump’s kids in relation to this report. But it’s becoming more clear by the day that these things are all happening sooner rather than later. This is the part where Trump cracks.

Trump thinks he can throw down with the best of them. But all he really does is try to isolate his adversaries so he can very publicly pick on them one at a time, either because they have a particular vulnerability he thinks he can exploit, or because they’re in a position where they can’t publicly fight back. Trump’s approach is that of a coward. He never even tries to fight all of his adversaries at once, because, well, he’s never had to. That’s about to change wholesale.

Donald Trump is the kind of attention deficit brute force bully who can just barely manage to focus on one simplistic tactic at a time. How do you take down the big dumb ogre? You attack him from all sides, all at once, not simply to overpower him, but to leave him confused and thus unequipped to properly fight back at all. That attack is coming soon. In the end, Trump will be just another Roger Stone: broken, pathetic, and begging for mercy. Bring it on.

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