Editorial note: Thank you for embracing the Palmer Report Community Section

Hello Palmer Report readers,

I promised you that once Trump was gone from office, I would shift my focus toward growing Palmer Report into a major media outlet. The mainstream media has gotten better at its job in some ways over the past few years, but it still needs to be held accountable – and Palmer Report can only do that effectively if it’s large enough to take on the media’s frequent false narratives.

To that end, last week I opened up a Community Section where Palmer Report readers can submit their analysis for publication, with the intent of helping them grow into the next generation of great political pundits. Thus far I’ve selected about a dozen writers from more than a hundred submissions, and those articles have begun being published alongside the articles from me and our longtime writers.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I want to thank you for that. Whenever I’ve made any sort of change to Palmer Report, there have always been a small number of readers who have very loudly objected, and that’s understandable. But I would urge you to give the Community writers a chance. It can take time for any new political analyst to fully find their footing, as was the case with me when I first started out. And if hearing from a variety of voices is not your thing, I would urge to simply skip over the Community articles instead of complaining. If you feel compelled to comment positively or negatively about any new writer or any given article, the comment section – and not my email inbox – is the place to do that.

I’m still open to adding more Community Section writers, and if you’re interested you can find the details here. We’re also working on a new website design and layout that looks more professional and makes it easier to access our content, along with other new ideas and improvements. This is a crucial time for our nation. As 2021 goes on, Palmer Report will continue to expand and grow so we can continue to inform you and steer the political narrative in a productive direction. I thank you again for your support.

Bill Palmer
Palmer Report

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