Editorial note about the Palmer Report comment section

I want to thank the roughly 98% of Palmer Report readers who behave reasonably, comment responsibly, and come together to form a real community in the name of making the world a better place. That said, I have witnessed some behavior in the comment section that is wildly out of bounds, forcing me to draw the line – and I want to address it here, so that everyone has the opportunity to make sure they don’t end up on the wrong side of that line.

I’m not capable of writing a dozen articles every day (no one is), so that’s why I’ve added various other writers. Not every writer is going to appeal to every Palmer Report audience member. That’s why every article is clearly labeled by author. If one or more Palmer Report authors don’t appeal to you, just skip their articles.

There are some folks who like to use the comment section to trash, smear, and harass my other writers. Going forward, those folks will be banned from commenting entirely. They will essentially be fired as Palmer Report readers, because I don’t want toxic people in my audience. Any reasonable person would simply skip over any articles from an author they don’t care for – not dive into the comment section of those articles and start harassing the author.

To be clear, you’re always free to post comments disagreeing with the premise of any Palmer Report article, whether it’s written by me or anyone else. But going forward we’ll have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who sees the comment section as an opportunity to bully and harass any of my writers.

Again, this only applies to a small fraction of Palmer Report commenters. But I wanted to give everyone fair warning, and an opportunity to cease such behavior, before I’m forced to start permanently banning people in the coming days. As for the rest of you, thank you again for working to keep Palmer Report a civil and respectful community.