“Dumpster fire” – Donald Trump’s campaign advisers caught misleading him about his own poll numbers

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Everyone knows that Donald Trump’s poll numbers are terrible and that he’s currently on track to badly lose the 2020 election. Everyone except for him, that is. He keeps tweeting positive poll numbers for himself without ever citing where they’re coming from, suggesting that he’s either being fed bad information or he’s hallucinating. Now it turns out it’s a little of both.

Trump’s campaign advisers are admitting to him that his internal and external poll numbers are indeed terrible – or as Daily Beast is describing them – “dumpster fire numbers.” But his advisers are then going on to tell him that the polls are wrong, and that things like a supposed “enthusiasm gap” are somehow going to decide the election in his favor. In other words, they’re completely snowing him. Even when Trump’s GOP colleagues try to convince him that he really is losing and he needs to make changes, he blows them off because he’s convinced the polls are “fake.”

This is the latest evidence to surface that Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign advisers have given up any hope of figuring out how to win, and are instead merely trying to con Trump into believing everything is fine, so he won’t fire them before election day. In turn, this is also the latest evidence that Trump has descended further into senility than ever, as he can’t seem to figure out that the kindergarten level BS his advisers are feeding him is indeed BS.

Of course this doesn’t mean the election is in the bag. Donald Trump could still decide to fire these idiots and bring in less-incompetent people who might give him a better chance. And even if the Trump campaign does nothing to help its own cause, we need to make sure Joe Biden wins by such a huge margin, any last minute fluke won’t change the outcome.

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