Donald Trump’s downfall was always going to come back to Michael Flynn

When Michael Flynn cut a plea deal in 2017, he was allowed to plead guilty to just one minimal criminal charge, despite having committed something along the lines of treason. No one gets a deal this lenient unless they’ve given up a bigger fish, and they’ve provided smoking gun evidence to that end. At the time it was fairly obvious that Flynn had given up Donald Trump.

So it’s not surprising to learn, finally, after all this time, that Michael Flynn gave Robert Mueller dirt on pretty much everything. Based on yesterday’s court filing, we now know that Flynn provided a voicemail which proved that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer illegally tried to coerce Flynn into not cutting a deal. We now know that additional people connected to the White House, and at least one person connected to Congress, also illegally tried to convince Flynn not to cut a deal. We now know that Flynn gave up which handful of members of Team Trump were involved in the WikiLeaks thing. We now know that Flynn gave up which members of the Trump transition team were in on Flynn’s criminal conspiracy with the Russian Ambassador. And this is just the start.

We don’t know who any of the above unnamed people are, but they know who they are – and they all just learned, if they didn’t know already, that Mueller has them nailed. We’re about to see a lot of scampering, backpedaling, and panicking on Team Trump. But that’s all a sideshow in comparison to the fact that Flynn gave Mueller a smoking gun voicemail that proves Trump committed felony obstruction of justice. It’s not just Flynn’s word against anyone else’s word. This is the real deal.

When Michael Flynn cut his deal, it was the end of the beginning. His close proximity to Donald Trump, and the leniency of the deal he received, made clear that he would – ultimately – be the one to take Trump down. Now that Flynn’s deal is finally coming out into the open, it’s the beginning of the end for Trump. We don’t know how much longer Trump’s downfall will take from here, but we’re entering the phase we’ve all been waiting for.

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