Ukraine sticks it to Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

Here’s a lesson for Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, if you’re going to conspire with a foreign government to create a phony scandal about your political opponent, first make sure you’re going to be able to get the mainstream media to take the bait on that phony scandal. Also, make sure that foreign government is actually willing to conspire with you to begin with.

By now you know the first part of the story. Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorney Rudy Giuliani announced to the media that he and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine had discovered a scandal involving Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, and that Rudy was heading to Ukraine to investigate. The hope was that the media would run with the phony Biden scandal just as cravenly as it ran with the phony Hillary Clinton email scandal in 2016. But the media as having none of it this time around, and instead decided that Rudy’s conspiracy with Ukraine was the scandal. Now it turns out Rudy couldn’t even get that part right.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine has now announced that there is no Biden scandal, he has no evidence of any such thing, and he has no idea what Trump and Rudy are talking about. This isn’t shocking. Even before Rudy was forced to cancel his Ukraine trip under mounting media scrutiny, after the new President of Ukraine announced that he wasn’t interested in meeting with Rudy. It was clear that Ukraine’s government wanted nothing to do with this, and sure enough, the once-eager prosecutor is falling in line.

This whole thing couldn’t have much worse of an outcome for Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. The phony Biden scandal they concocted is DOA. Because of how this blew up, Trump and Rudy will have a much harder time manufacturing any subsequent Biden scandals, because the media has decided that Trump and Rudy manufacturing phony scandals is the scandal. And now the door is open for House Democrats to subpoena Rudy to testify about what he was really trying to pull off here.

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