Double jeopardy

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When selecting a President of the United States, it is rather important to select a person who does know the meaning of Double Jeopardy. I say this because there is a former President who appears NOT to understand what Double Jeopardy actually is. That person is Donald Trump.

The chief operating officer of insurrections appears red-faced and drooling with rage. And this is because of double Jeopardy. Ah, Donald, there is so much to teach you — if only you would listen. On Friday, Trump went wild, as maniacs tend to do.

And he loudly proclaimed that he couldn’t be held responsible for January 6 because of double jeopardy. What on earth could our coward mean? Was there a trial that we somehow all missed? Was Donald John Trump tried over the January 6 terrorist attack that he created? No.

You see, Trump appears to be talking about his impeachment. He is confusing impeachment with criminal trials, causing us to ask the question: just how dumb can one man be? At Mar-a-Lago during a party on Friday, Trump said he “thought this was all done.”

“I was tried on the fake impeachment hoax on January 6,” he wailed. “We won.”

“We went through the whole process, so wouldn’t this sort of be a — and then you take a look at the other” he went on.

“Isn’t this sort of like double jeopardy?”

Sigh. It sounds like the insurrectionist needs a legal tutorial, does it not? Double Jeopardy means the prosecution of a person twice for the same crime. So, for example, if someone steals Matt Gaetz’s hair gel and is tried on stolen hair gel charges and found not guilty, they cannot be tried again for this crime.

But that does not mean Trump who was impeached twice — even if not convicted — can’t be tried in a court of law. Where on earth is Donnie getting his information? Please don’t answer that. It was a rhetorical question.

So in the future, let’s make sure we choose a president who understands the meaning of double Jeopardy. Donnie doesn’t. And he does not appear to understand that the argument he is making has about as much weight as a grain of sand.

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