Donald Trump just got hit with a doozy

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Donald Trump’s world has pretty much disintegrated right before his eyes. The news cycle is a head spinner, straight out of the Exorcist, with events rapidly unraveling in so many dimensions in Trumpland.

First, on a personal level Trump has lost his spokesperson Hope Hicks. Yeah, Hope is gone. She was with him from the start, she got her job because, in his words, she knew “absolutely nothing about politics.” She was his voice, his staunch supporter. Off the record, on the record, she had his back. She was always at his side, survived many staff departures. She was his rock. On Wednesday, less than a day after her nine hour testimony on the Hill, and a bit of name calling at her by Trump, and she called it quits.

The White House spin is, of course, that her departure was planned. But if so who is her replacement? Some suggest that he is his own Communications Director via Twitter, but that notion is absurd. He is his own worst enemy at it. A name floating around to replace Hicks is Mercedes Schlapp, who has not been in the White House long but seems to have favor with Trump. It appears Trump is finding himself more and more alone, isolated from people he considered “friends.” His long time bodyguard Keith Schiller is gone as well. The only veteran survivor apart from his own family is Dan Scavino, the social media director, but he too may be caught up in Trump-Russia, so how long will he last? It’s hard to say but things are moving fast around Trump.

Trump’s feud with Attorney General Jeff Sessions has escalated, with a public war of words now coming from both sides. Trump is calling Sessions shameful. Sessions looked quite cozy th at dinner with his Deputy Rod Rosestein, Trump’s enemy number one at the Department of Justice. When Trump has even lost Sessions…

If that weren’t bad enough news for Donald Trump, new documents reveal that his son in law Jared Kushner received roughly half a billion dollars in loans after White House meetings with two separate lender bank officials. Is this a bit of “pay for play” perhaps? Mueller is investigating this chummy arrangement.


Robert Mueller again played a role in Trump’s day from hell when he began asking questions along the lines of “What did the President know and when did he know it?” with regard to the release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails. Using this historical Watergate perspective, did Trump know of the Wikileaks hacking into DNC servers before the public was aware of such transgressions? It shows that the Mueller investigation is very much focused on Trump’s involvement in the conspiracy to steal the 2016 election. It’s a whammy and it’s only getting bigger.

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