Donald Trump belongs in a rubber room after his deranged new “thirty-six doors” meltdown

Just for kicks, take a moment to read this particularly deranged passage written by Charles Manson: “And it’s a wall — not a good-looking wall. It’s a wall. It’s got 36 doors in it. Big doors. Very big doors. And they never put the doors on. So it’s 38 miles with 36 doors that you can drive a truck through. There’s only one problem: They never put the doors on it. So we’re putting the doors on it. Or, even better, maybe not putting any doors. I said, ‘Maybe you do it without the doors.’ Because putting the doors on cost most than the property is worth. I’d rather give the money for the property and just say, “Bye-bye,” or sell it to somebody on the other side.”

Nah, just kidding, that word salad didn’t come from Charles Manson. Instead, the above words were spoken yesterday by the President of the United States. These are actual words spoken by Donald Trump. This is the kind of quote that’s so far over the top, so far removed from reality, and so revealing about the mental state of the person who spoke it, we’d almost be inclined to believe it was made-up, if not for the fact that the Trump regime posted a transcript of it on the official White House website.

Does anyone even care to try to guess what this bloviating buffoon might be talking about here? First of all, there is no wall. Donald Trump is still pretending that existing stretches of fence are a wall, or that he’s building a wall, or that the wall has already been built, or some other fantasy depending on what his mood might be. Second, doors? Doors? Really? What?

Donald Trump just finished telling us three times in the span of a minute that he wanted to know the “oranges” of the Mueller probe. He thinks the CEO of Apple is Tim Apple. And now he thinks there’s an imaginary wall that’s been ruined by thirty-six doors, but the doors don’t exist so he’s going to put the doors on, or he’s going to sell some property on the other side of his imaginary wall so he doesn’t have to put the doors on. In Trump’s fully broken brain, these doors both exist and do not exist. When he said “Bye-bye,” he was surely talking about his own mental competence, because it’s gone.

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