Don’t get lost in the weeds today

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If you’re a liberal activist, your only message today should be “Democrats won in a blowout because they’re great.” That’s it. That’s the message. That’s how you fire up the liberal base. It’s how you get people in the middle interested in voting Democrat next time. It’s that simple.

Don’t get lost in the weeds by openly lamenting about how the recall election shouldn’t even have happened, or how it was a waste of money, or how much “damage” was done, or how the recall could have succeeded if things had gone a different way. None of that messaging is ever effective in rallying or attracting anyone to your cause.

You want your side to be seen as winners. It’s what attracts more volunteers, donors, activists, and voters. Winning is contagious. That’s easy to do, considering your party is coming off a huge blowout victory in an election that the other party tried really hard to win. So don’t blow it by spinning your big win as if it were some kind of loss. No one wants to fight hard for, or even bother voting for, what they’re being told is a lost cause or a hollow victory.

We have another equally crucial election in Virginia in six weeks. There’s no time for getting lost in the weeds of lamenting. Take the day to celebrate, and then tomorrow focus on fighting and winning the Virginia Governor election!

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