Ron DeSantis bites off more than he can chew

There are certain people who are just so incompetent that one marvels how they got the job they did. Governor Ron DeSantis is one of those people. DeSantis (fake news, insurrection party, Florida) appears to be engaging in a power-play that he cannot and will not win.

Part one of this stupid game he is engaged in involves threats to counties in Florida. Mr. DeSantis is now threatening to fine these counties if they enforce vaccine mandates. I guess the incompetent governor has not yet killed enough people to satisfy his insatiable quest for death.

Am I being too hard on the lowly governor? Is there perhaps a reason for his maniacal behavior other than a quest for power? I believe there is not. And quests for power never end well.

Go back in history and take a look. Look at Genghis Khan. Or look at more recent examples such as Donnie little hands who America voted out of office. At this point, I do believe DeSantis has a more sinister motivation than just falling in line with Mr. little hands. I believe he likes the games. He likes the power plays. He cannot admit to being wrong, and he really doesn’t care about anybody he represents.

I say this with conviction because I truly believe it, and I am not the only one. So the second part of his twisted game involves a COVID denier. This person is a city worker who was there with DeSantis, during the Governor’s press event. The man falsely claimed that the Covid Vaccine changes one’s RNA.

This is obviously a lie, which DeSantis did not bother to correct, showing once again his wicked nature. Many of you on here have asked if there is a recall process in Florida, and if the Democrats can start one. I am sorry to say that there is not.

There are only a handful of states in the country that allow Governors to be recalled. Florida is not one of them. But, all is not lost. If we work really hard, we can defeat this maniac in 2022.

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