Donald Trump’s weird obsession with cheating is going to take him down

With his constant flip-flops and contradictions there is one constant that has followed Donald Trump for his entire life. He cheats. Whether it’s something incredibly important, like a national election, or something as small as golf, Trump has demonstrably always been a cheater. He’s cheated on his wives, he’s cheated on his taxes, and he’s even cheated his way out of having to serve in the military – five times.

What could possibly be the reason for his constant need to bypass the rules and laws his entire life? For someone who attempts to exude confidence and brag about all of his winning one would think he’d hide his compulsion to avoid having to follow the rules so he could at least appear to be achieving success legitimately. And yet he rarely even attempts to advance or win through actual hard work.

As evidenced by his extensive treasonous quid pro quo with Russia, promising to remove sanctions in exchange for hacking the election, nothing is too extreme or sacred to prevent him from cheating again. He recently tweeted that Pennsylvania Republicans should challenge the new congressional map that had to be changed due to illegal gerrymandering. Blatantly stating that cheating is more important if it advances the GOP agenda.

They say “the house always wins” yet many of his casinos went bankrupt. Not because a few gamblers had a lucky streak, but because his sole purpose of the casinos was to launder money. Think about that for a minute. Instead of easily making money legitimately, he felt compelled to cheat, once again. Multiple massive fines and having to admit guilt was still not enough to force him to go legit. He’s really pushing his luck lately and he’s now up against the one person who won’t allow cheating – Robert Mueller.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.