Donald Trump’s swan song is just getting sad

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Donald Trump has a new job! Yes, it’s true. Our traitor has found something that temporarily at least seems to amuse and inspire him. Now I was as shocked as anybody upon hearing this news. But it seems to be true. Friends and readers, allow me to introduce — DJ Don! That’s right. Trump apparently has a new hobby – song king.

This leads us to an interesting question. What type of music does our traitor listen to? Pop? Classical? Perhaps heavy metal is Trump’s musical choice. Well, according to Page Six — Donald Trump has apparently taken a fancy to Celine Dion’s song. Titanic. (It’s actually “My heart will go on,” but I think it’s OK to call the tune Titanic.)

Oh, the symbolism this choice. One imagines armchair psychologists are having a field day. Every Thursday night is his schedule, the report says. And he sits in his musical chair, picking out tunes, often while scarfing down some grub.

According to other reports, 80’s show tunes are on the DJ’s list of preferred tunes. This is all happening at Trump’s Florida country club. And reportedly, Trump also “works the room for votes” while all this is happening.

Well — with all the people undoubtedly milling around, that would be at least perhaps — I don’t know — maybe four or five votes the traitor is guaranteed. I think this new gig is a good thing for Trump. It can mentally prepare him for a job in prison. After all — DJ one day, laundry folder the next!

Or perhaps Trump could get a career in the prison cafeteria handing out meals (no ketchup should be allowed.) And I can also think of some excellent tunes for Trump to play, as can others on social media. Some of the tunes some have suggested?

“Loser” by Beck

“Lonely Boy” by the Back Keys.

“Paranoid” by Black sabbath

“Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash.

“Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley.

And perhaps this gig will keep the lunatic off of Truth Social (for a day or two.)

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