Donald Trump’s remaining loyalists in the executive branch

When Donald Trump was running for president, and during his tenure, he repeatedly discussed draining the swamp and the career politicians and swamp bottom feeders. Turns out, the king of grift and his hangers on are all of the same kind.

NBC News is reporting that unprecedented numbers of the incompetents sought to have permanent positions bestowed upon them before Trump left office. According to the report:

“Fifty-eight Trump administration appointees sought conversion from Jan. 1, 2020, to Jan 20, 2021, according to the Office of Personnel Management documents. Of those, 31 conversions were approved, six were denied, 15 were returned or withdrawn, and six remained pending. During the corresponding period under former President Barack Obama — Jan. 1, 2016 to Jan. 20, 2017 — 46 appointees sought conversion, with 36 approved, six denied and four returned or withdrawn.”

Max Stier, CEO of Partnership for Public Services, noted that the post-election rejections made clear that the practice was not good, stating: “You can see in the number of non-approvals by OPM that there are a bunch of political appointees [who sought career jobs] that are clearly problematic. Why are these people only coming into these jobs only after the candidate who wanted them there has lost?”

Turns out, the Trumpsters are not much different than any other administration when it comes to trying to get cushy permanent jobs. The Trump team fed the swamp.

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