Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is at it again

Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds has announced that she rejected a request from the Federal Government to accept migrant children in the state as it “is the President’s problem” and blamed him for a situation that has been going on long before he took office. She said that the state does not have the facilities to house migrant children for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

This is a very different tune than what CovidKim was signing back in 2019, when she said Iowa would accept refugees even though Orange Florida Man (OFM) signed an order stating that states had the right to refuse to house refugees. CovidKim joined more than 30 other governors at the time in announcing they’d accept refugees. Fast forward to 2021 with her hero out of office and she is now saying quite the opposite.

If CovidKim was any more transparent she would be invisible. She has no interest in helping others or even in displaying basic human decency. All because OFM is no longer in office and President Biden has taken his place. I’m sure if OFM was still in office or for that matter any other Republican CovidKim would be all about helping out no matter what. She’s deliberately doing this to sabotage the Federal government’s response in order to score political points for Republicans.

It turns my stomach how depraved and indifferent to post birth human life that CovidKim is. She has no interest in helping people unless it scores points for Republicans. If CovidKim is what an Iowan is supposed to be then I am ashamed to call myself one.

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