Donald Trump’s new revenge fantasy gives away that it’s over for him

Donald Trump is set to face three criminal trials before the 2024 election, each of which will put him in prison. The media’s continued insistence that he’s a lock for 2024, let alone that he’ll even be remotely viable by then, ranks somewhere between head scratching and laugh out loud.

There’s a reason every Republican has-been, never-was, and also-ran is now eyeing the 2024 Republican primary race; they see it as a wide open field with DeSantis self destructing and Trump in prison. There’s also a reason Texas Republicans went ahead and impeached Trump pal Ken Paxton, even after Trump publicly vowed retribution; they know Trump is toast and they’re focusing on their own agendas instead.

But if you really want evidence that Donald Trump is toast, look no further than Donald Trump’s own behavior. From the start, it’s been painfully clear that Trump’s “2024 campaign” has not in any way resembled an actual attempt at running, competing, or winning anything. Instead it’s been a bizarre combination of a two-bit cash grab from Trump’s gullible supporters, and an avenue for allowing Trump himself to fantasize about getting revenge on those who took him down.

Now that the DOJ appears to be days if not hours from criminally indicting Donald Trump under the Espionage Act, Trump is retreating even further into his revenge fantasy. He’s reportedly been demanding that his handlers find out the names of the specific DOJ and FBI personnel who have been investigating him, so once he’s magically back in office, he can destroy them.

More to the point, Trump’s people have now told Rolling Stone all about his revenge plot. To be clear, they’re creating even greater legal liability for Trump. But that doesn’t really matter anymore, does it? Trump’s life is over anyway, and his handlers know it. By leaking this, they at least get to show him that a news outlet printed his revenge fantasy, which will probably lift Trump’s spirits for a bit. Nevermind if it helps finish him off.

And that’s the thing. Trump’s life is over. He can’t beat espionage charges. He can’t avoid prison. He can’t magically make it to 2024. All he has left to comfort him is his revenge fantasy. As Trump gets closer to being taken down, his revenge fantasy becomes more over the top. At this point it’s probably the only thing that still gets him out of bed in the morning. Eventually Trump will be lying in his prison bed at night, his life as he knew it shattered to pieces, dreaming up a silly plan that’s really going to let him get revenge and magically get back on top. That’s how these types of sociopaths think on their way down. It’s all they care about. And it’s how you know when it’s over for them.