Donald Trump’s much hyped Waco rally turns out to be the non-event we all knew it would be

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Donald Trump’s Waco rally on Saturday turned out to be the same irrelevant dud as the other political rallies he’s periodically held over the past two years. He gave the same kind of limp speech he’s been giving since he was booted from office, to the same couple thousand losers who can still be convinced to show up for this kind of dead-end thing.

I’m surprised anyone thought today would somehow be anything different, or for that matter anything at all. Trump hasn’t been relevant in the political arena in a long time – at least not the real Trump.

There’s a reason no major cable news network aired Trump’s rally speech. They know that if you actually watched his lifeless speech, saw how far gone he is, saw his flat rally, you’d know it’s over for him. And the media wants to keep hyping “Trump 2024” for ratings awhile longer.

At this point the media is essentially hiding the actual broken and non-viable Donald Trump from you, so it can keep hyping an imaginary Trump who’s more powerful than ever and will magically shake off the criminal justice system and be your worst nightmare in 2024.

Think about it. The entire media spent all week breathlessly hyping this Trump speech, insisting he’s going to be the “frontrunner” for President of the United States in 2024 – but then didn’t actually air the speech – and has now gone back to breathlessly hyping him for 2024.

This is nothing specific to the fact that we’re on indictment watch. This has also happened with Trump’s last ten speeches. The entire media hyped Trump’s CPAC speech, then didn’t air it, and then went right back to hyping him. Back then he wasn’t under indictment watch and wasn’t making threats. That wasn’t the reason they didn’t air it. They just didn’t want anyone to see how pathetically far gone he is.

Why do you think Trump’s handlers have worked so hard to keep him out of the public eye 98% of the time over the past two years? Why do you think his handlers still won’t let him use his reinstated Twitter account? They know that if you get a load of him, you’ll know he’s done.

Instead Trump’s handlers let him weakly and incoherently ramble all day on a niche social network no one is on, so the media can cherry pick the occasional word or phrase that they can use to portray Trump as being more dangerously powerful than ever.

The media keeps insisting Trump is the 2024 frontrunner and they devote 100 hours a week of airtime to hyping him, yet they don’t think his highest profile speeches are even worthy of being aired? Not even on a delay? Come on. They’re hiding the actual Trump, so they can keep hyping the fictional version of Trump.

The media doesn’t know how much longer it can keep chasing ratings by hyping Trump as being viable for 2024, before the criminal justice system shows everyone he’s not. But until then the media is going to keep this game going, even if it means hiding the actual Trump from you.

And we already know what’s next. Once Trump’s situation degrades to the point that everyone can see he’s not going to be a thing in 2024, the media will then report the “shocking breaking news” that he’s toast, which “no one could have seen coming!”

It’s just like how the media worked so hard to push the notion that Trump would never be indicted. That went on nearly the entire time the grand jury processes were advancing against him. Then once it reached a point everyone could see that Trump was going to be indicted without having to squint, the media treated it as an “unprecedented turn of events” that no one could have seen coming.

It’s obvious in hindsight that the media spent the past week breathlessly doom-hyping Trump’s Waco rally just to pull in ratings each day, even though the media knew all along that it was going to be an irrelevant dud. The next time the media pulls this kind of thing, let’s try not taking the bait.

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