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Have you, friends, and readers heard of the book “Of mice and men?” It was written by John Steinbeck and is widely considered a classic. It’s been on numerous lists for the best novel ever. Some of you might have read it. BANNED.

Have you, dear readers, heard of the book “The Bluest Eye?” It is widely considered a classic and a brutal telling of life following the great depression for an African American girl. BANNED.

Have you, dear readers, heard of the writer Judy Blume? Her books are all over the place. Chances are you’ve read at least one of them. “Forever” was her book about young love. NEARLY BANNED! (In Utah.)

And what about Mause and the Nowhere Girls and The Catcher in the Rye and the Hate u Give and so many more? BANNED!

People, this story must not be allowed to leave the news. And it isn’t about DeSantis — because these book bans are happening EVERYWHERE.

Utah. BANS.

Florida. BANS.

Texas. BANS.

Tennessee. BANS.

WE MUST KEEP THIS STORY in the news. When writing about this subject, sometimes I grow a bit weary because I cannot singularly stop the bans. And I’d like to. Few subjects enrage me as much as this one This is a country of freedom. But some of these people would have it not be so.

The best thing that I CAN do is to tell you. And urge you to tell your friends, your families, and your libraries. I urge you to question, to make others aware that the republican party is the party of erasing history.

If they succeed, that’s IT. Not being hyperbolic. History is NEEDED in this country. History cannot be allowed to be erased.

So let them know. Let them know what the GOP is trying to do to this country. They want to steal knowledge, erase history and BAN, BAN, BAN. Ban everything they do not like. Let’s make sure they don’t succeed.

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