Donald Trump’s house of cards is collapsing


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Do you think a house can start to turn on its occupant? I do. When I picture Mar-a-Lago, I envision a lonely and echoing place. It’s ostentatious, of course, likely with shimmering chandeliers and opulent (and rather tacky decor.) The amount of rooms is bountiful. The amount of friends of the one who resides there, however, is not.

There is a Gothic and Medieval feel to the one who resides there. Trump is the vampire who rarely sleeps. This is the exile the vanquished traitor spends his days in. But this weekend, Trump spoke at CPAC.

He declared he’s staying in the presidential race even if he is indicted and that he is the people’s “warrior and retribution.” He is getting more unhinged, more violent in his words. But there’s a problem for Trump. Few were there to hear the grim words of the traitor at CPAC.

You see it, right? Few at CPAC, few at mar-a-Lago. It is all playing out as if written in the stars, which I think it was. As indictments move closer, as he finds himself more and more abandoned, Trump is showing that he can’t hold it together. He also said something interesting. He called it “the final battle.”

It is, but not in the way he thinks. The final battle is that of Trump’s fall into nothingness.. And so far, he’s losing. And will continue to lose. The final battle.

The final battle is Trump’s denouement. That is what is playing out before us now. The reason Trump sounds so much worse than usual — quite unhinged, really — is that he’s a sociopath and malignant narcissist.

When a narcissist or antisocial personality finally falls, the results are not pretty. That’s because it’s their breakdown culminating in the fall of years of lies, exaggerations, schemes, plot twists, and above all, rage.

When narcissists hit bottom, that is the breaking point – when the narcissist understands that all their tricks of the trade aren’t going to work anymore. Narcissists are addicted to power, control, and moral superiority. Their bottom is when they see all that slipping away from them.


The narcissist is terrified of abandonment. They have also lived in a fantasy world all this time, so when that world shatters, there can be the deep and unfettered rage. I believe that is what we see . It is the final battle, alright.


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