Donald Trump’s descent into total madness accelerates as impeachment destroys him

Donald Trump wants you to know that the “Democrats haven’t come up with a smocking gun.” Not only is he incorrect about this, as he stupidly released the smoking gun himself in the form of the phone call transcript memo, it also means he hasn’t yet learned that it’s not spelled “smocking.”

This comes after Donald Trump asserted yesterday that he’s essentially going to ban all child birth, and after he complained on Friday that he can’t figure out how to get his toilet to flush. He also thinks state governments can control how much rain falls from the sky, amid a whole assortment of other embarrassing and disconcerting signs that what’s left of his brain is rapidly evaporating into thin air.

Trump also wants us to know that “The Wall is going up fast” even though no wall is being built. Considering how far gone he is, we have to wonder if this is just bluster, or if he’s actually convinced himself that an imaginary invisible border wall is being built. Trump does seem to be aware of the fact that Fox News is incrementally hedging its bets against him, as he went apoplectic today when he realized that Fox has been booking more House Democrats as guests lately. But for the most part Trump just seems delusional, confused, even hallucinatory.

Even as we wait to see how the escalating impeachment process ends up impacting Donald Trump’s presidency and his reelection prospects (not looking good for him thus far), it’s clear that impeachment is destroying Trump on a personal and cognitive level. There’s barely anything left of the guy. If he’s this cracked simply because articles of impeachment are coming against him, how bad will it get once the articles are actually voted on, and he’s officially been impeached? We’ll soon find out.

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