“You’re not nice people” – Donald Trump goes completely berserk during speech to live audience

Donald Trump has long been a profoundly disturbing combination of offensive, unhinged, incoherent, and just plain racist. As the impeachment process has moved forward, the resulting pressure seems to have broken Trump to the point that he’s becoming even more blatant when it comes to saying awful things. This all came to a head this weekend when Trump gave a speech to a Jewish group and used it to attack Jewish people.

Trump was speaking to the Israeli American Council when he said this horrible thing: “You’re not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me. You have no choice. You’re not going to vote for Pocahontas, I can tell you that.” Wow, where do we even start?

Trump literally stereotyped and attacked Jewish people while speaking to a group whose stated mission is to preserve and protect Jewish identity. Not that the remark would have been okay if he’d meant it as a joke, but he didn’t even seem to mean it as a joke. He was flat out telling Jewish people to their faces that he hates them as much as they hate him, but they’ll have to vote for him anyway. Then he used a slur against Native Americans while attacking one of his 2020 election opponents.

It’s worth pointing out that Donald Trump only received 24% of the Jewish vote in 2016, while his opponent Hillary Clinton received 71% of the Jewish vote. So Trump is hallucinating if he thinks he’s going to win the Jewish vote in 2020 – particularly with the insulting and frankly berserk manner in which he’s addressing Jewish groups.

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