Donald Trump whines and cries like a baby over his Manhattan criminal indictment news

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What does one do when nothing is going one’s way, and everything one touches seems to be turning into a shit-storm? The answer if your, Donald John Trump, is to post on truth social. So this, dear friends and readers, is the eye of the storm. We’re in it now. And there is no going back.

And it gives me great pleasure to bring you these words — written by the traitor himself. These words are Trump’s reaction to the news that an indictment is coming.

Don’t worry — I will not post the WHOLE kit and kaboodle, which seems to go on for eternity. No, what I will do is post certain excerpts. And I think it’s only fair that for this meltdown — this very special meltdown of all meltdowns — that I respond to the words of the enemy. After all, this isn’t just ANY diatribe. It’s the diatribe from the immediate aftermath of the news of an indictment.

“I did absolutely nothing wrong. I never had an affair with Stormy Daniels.”

Right. And there are eight days in a week, and two plus two equals six.

“This is a political witch-hunt.”

You’ve got it wrong, Donald. It’s Samuel Alito who excels in witch hunts.

“I have won lawsuits for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

You’ve LOST a lot more than you’ve won.

“Even the previous Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance did not bring charges.”

Sigh. Shut up, Donald. You DO have the right to remain silent.

“I am guilty of nothing except for the fact that I am beating all republicans and democrats badly in the presidential race.”

No, you’re not. Your losing. You’re a loser.

“It is Russia., Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.”

Ukraine is winning.

“It is a weaponization of the Justice system.”

No, Donald, it IS Justice — Lady Justice. Show some respect.

“It is appalling that the democrats would play this card.”

Ah — the card metaphor.

“they cannot win at the voter booth, so they have to go to a tool that has never been used in such a way.”

We DID win at the ballot box, Einstein. Over and over and over again.

“I, and hundreds of millions of American people who are backing me because they want to see our nation be great again, are the victims of this corrupt, depraved, and weaponized justice system.”


Hundreds of millions of Americans are thrilled because our nation has always been great. No thanks to you, you pathetic traitor, and you’re going to prison and most couldn’t be happier.

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