Donald Trump shoots himself in the foot while attacking CNN host Chris Cuomo

To find out Donald Trump’s position on gun control in any given week, you’d have to check with his puppet masters at the NRA to find out what’s in the latest script they’ve given him. To find out which race, nationality or ethnicity Trump is insulting on any given day, all you have to do is look at what’s trending on Twitter. These two things managed to come to a head in the same Trump meltdown today, and it left him with egg on his face.

It all started when a hooligan approached CNN host Chris Cuomo and began verbally assaulting him, while calling him “Fredo” after the lesser brother in The Godfather. Cuomo, who is Italian, took this as an ethnic slur and yelled back accordingly. After video of the exchange was released, Trump supporters including Donald Trump Jr insisted on Twitter that it wasn’t racist in any way. CNN’s vice president fired back at Don Jr, explaining that it was an ethnic slur, and that the network fully stood behind Cuomo.

Then today, Donald Trump decided to enter the fray, because he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to be on the wrong side of a racial issue. But Trump took things further by tweeting this: “Would Chris Cuomo be given a Red Flag for his recent rant? Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts!”

That’s right, Donald Trump – who famously opposes gun control across the board, but has recently begun pretending he favors it in isolated circumstances – just revealed his new position. Trump literally believes that everyone in America should be allowed to own a gun except for Chris Cuomo. The sad part is that, given Trump’s increasing erraticism, we can’t even tell for sure if he’s being facetious.

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