Donald Trump just tipped off that a major bombshell is about to land

Like the world’s worst poker player, Donald Trump has a tell. Whenever he begins trying to pick a series of arbitrary fights and/or gin up arbitrary controversies in rapid succession, it nearly always turns out he’s trying to distract us from an ugly bombshell that he knows is about to land.

Sure enough, Donald Trump is at it again today. Sure, he always tweets racist things periodically. But today has seen a firehose of racist and xenophobic nonsense erupt from Trump’s account. He claimed that he didn’t actually say there were very fine people among the white supremacists in Charlottesville. He made a point of using the anti-Italian ethnic slur “Fredo” in the direction of CNN host Chris Cuomo. He endorsed the campaign of Curt Schilling, who got fired from his last gig for extreme racism. He posted a pair of articles from white supremacist site Breitbart.

Again, none of this is new for Trump. But he did all of the above within the span of a few hours today. This is what he does whenever he feels he needs to generate headlines about himself – positive or negative – in order to drown out a far more damaging scandal that he knows or fears is about to land. So what does Trump expect to get hit with?

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal gets uglier for the Trump administration by the day, but there are also other Trump scandals reaching their boiling point. We’ll find out soon enough what’s coming down the pike that has Donald Trump rattled enough that he’s out there intentionally creating negative headlines for himself, just so they’ll drown out the one big headline he’s hoping you won’t notice when it surfaces.

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