Donald Trump just lost

It’s puzzling how many Republican office holders are still afraid of Donald Trump, given that his endorsements have never counted for all that much when it comes to winning. Even when Trump was in office, the candidates he endorsed would often end up losing. Trump was always able to get people to turn out for rallies, but not at the ballot box. Now that he’s gone from office and his favorability rating is in the toilet, it’s getting even worse for him.

Last night a special election took place in Texas to fill a U.S. House of Representatives seat that was vacated when the Republican incumbent died. The last two candidates standing in the race were both Republicans. Trump endorsed one of the Republicans, but the other Republican ended up winning by about seven points instead.


It’s the latest reminder that Donald Trump’s endorsement isn’t worth all that much when it comes to winning an election, and it never has been. It further raises the question of why most House and Senate Republicans are still kissing Trump’s backside, even now that he’s little more than a half-senile blob with no social media presence who rarely leaves the house. What does he have on them?

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