Donald Trump just gave away how utterly screwed he knows he is in Georgia criminal case

When the news broke earlier this week that the Fulton County Georgia District Attorney had met with Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorneys, in a clear sign that she intends to indict and arrest Trump, we noted that Trump’s response had been unusual. Rachel Maddow reported that the meeting actually took place about three weeks ago, and while Trump did respond at the time by putting out a press release generically accusing the Democrats of wanting to put everyone in prison, he didn’t actually leak the fact that the meeting took place.

This meant that, for once, Trump didn’t even try to muddy the waters by breaking the news in dishonest fashion before the truth could get out there. Instead, Trump sat back and said nothing, allowing the Fulton County DA (or whoever leaked the news of this meeting) to establish the narrative that Trump is indeed in the process of being criminally indicted.

We also wondered aloud what Trump would do in response now that the news of his inevitable indictment in Georgia was public. Now we have our answer. The day after the Fulton County news broke, Trump decided to do an interview with NPR. It’s not clear if the interview was set up before or after the news broke. But it took place after the news broke, which means this was his de facto response to the Fulton County news.

Suffice it to say that the interview went poorly. Trump should have known that a news outlet like NPR would hit him with tough questions about his ugliest brewing scandals. But Trump was utterly unprepared for the predictable questions he received about matters such as his 2020 election lies. In fact Trump ended up bailing in the middle of the interview.

We’re presuming NPR was also planning to ask him about the breaking news that he was on track to be criminally indicted in Georgia, just as any legitimate interviewer would under the circumstances, but didn’t get the chance before Trump bailed midstream. Yet Trump struggled so badly with the basic questions, he didn’t even get a chance to push back against the Georgia news. So why did he even try to do the interview? He clearly wasn’t up for it mentally, and clearly didn’t prepare properly for it.


This gives away just how screwed Donald Trump is, and how screwed he knows he is. He’s desperate enough that he felt compelled to try to directly confront his worsening scandals in an interview with a liberal news outlet. And he’s so unsure of his footing, he didn’t even make it through the interview. This will only get worse for him.

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